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How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

Powder coating is able to keep its finish for as much as 15-20 years. The service life of the finish can depend on the type of pretreatment performed and the type of powder used. This type of coating provides resistance to corrosion, weather, and chemicals, giving it a finish that is more durable than paint or other liquid coatings. One question to examine is: How long does powder coating last? At Secoa Technology, we provide premier quality powder coating services to keep your equipment and machinery surfaces protected.

Pre-treatment with Powder Coating

Performing pretreatment of your substrate is a key step in obtaining the maximum service life from your powder coating. Given that powder coating particles are charged electrostatically onto a surface, it’s vital for the surface to be cleaned properly in order to obtain the right adherence. Typical pretreatment processes include removing existing corrosion and coating and then cleaning the exposed metal.

If the substrate is given a poor pretreatment, or none, the applied powder coating will tend to chip and have a somewhat brief service life. This partially answers the question of How long does powder coating last?

Types of Powder Coating and Their Service Life

The various types of powders available for various applications include:

Polyester – As a highly popular powder, polyesters provide an extensive range of gloss and color options. They can be used for exterior and interior applications. They offer superb durability that includes solid resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and UV weathering.

Epoxy – Superb durability and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Preferable uses indoors because weather and UV exposure can produce deterioration and fading within months.

Fluoropolymers – Outstanding weathering capabilities enable for polymer powders. They are great for outdoor applications and provide solid resistance to corrosion.

Urethanes – Due to the similarity of the base polymer in each of the powders, many of the same characteristics exist in polyester as are in urethane powder. It can resist chemicals somewhat better and also has excellent matting capabilities. Urethane powders are also less flexible which makes them somewhat harder. The improved performance of urethane powders generally makes them pricier than polyester powders.

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