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Nylon Coating and Medical Equipment

24 Jul, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

For a project to be successful, the selection of the powder coating type is often critical. At Secoa Technology, our technicians and finishers are aware that a coating can make or break the capability of a product to perform to its full potential. For longevity, durability and excellent chemical and physical properties for medical equipment, Read More

Fluoropolymer: More Than a Nonstick Coating

18 Jun, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

The polymers are a large class of compounds. Members of this class can fall into either natural or synthetic classifications. Recognizable members are silk, rubber, wool, and plastics. Fluoropolymer is a member of the polymer family and it contains molecules of both fluorine and carbon. Fluoropolymer is a synthetic polymer engineered originally for its nonstick Read More

Reasons Why Nylon Coating is The Way to Go

12 Jun, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

Nylon is the material of choice when it comes to coating steel and aluminum instruments in a range of industries that include medical, automotive, office, and appliances. The reason nylon is the go-to material is because it has unique thermal, chemical, mechanical, and physical properties. Nylon coating is cost-effective, efficient and gives a clean finish. Read More

Anti Rust Coating: A Viable Solution to a Bare Metal Problem

5 Jun, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

Bare iron and steel surfaces pose a serious risk of degradation over time through exposure to moisture, oxidation, and chemicals. Every year, the direct economic impact of corrosion in public infrastructure leads to billions of dollars lost to the government. The impact on infrastructure safety and serviceability adds up to poorer performance of structures. Health Read More

Specialty Coatings: When One Size Will Not Fit All

10 May, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

It is not always true that “One size fits all.” At Secoa Technology, we know that not every component can achieve its goal through the application of a generic coating. In many cases, the only way to be successful, to address the demands and specifications of a coating for a component, is to create one. Read More

DiamonDyze: A Breakthrough in Ceramic Anodizing

5 May, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

DiamonDyze is a breakthrough in advanced nano-ceramic and colored anodizing. At Secoa Technology, our staff has the licensing right to utilize this treatment. We all understand the advantages this process offers to those applications requiring anodizing. Our staff utilizes it to provide components with certain desirable characteristics. What Are the Advantages? When an applicator uses Read More

Aluminum Anodizing: Producing A Superior Finish

20 Apr, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

For versatility, it is hard to beat aluminum. It is open to a variety of finishing processes. One of the most common means of treating it is through anodizing. Aluminum anodizing produces a metal that resembles other metals. By adding color, you can also have an aesthetically pleasing product. What Is Anodizing? Anodizing is a Read More

Preventing Anti Weld Spatter

12 Apr, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

In welding, a far too common problem is weld spatter. They build up on the fixtures creating problems for the welder. At Secoa Technology we are very aware of the concerns that can result from this issue. Our solution is the application of anti weld spatter to fixtures such as MIG welding nozzles. What Is Read More

The Top Benefits of Metal Finishing

5 Apr, 2017 secoaTECH 0 comments

Metal finishing alters the surface of metal, which makes it more resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. Without proper finishing, metal can be damaged quickly by air pollutants, chemicals and normal wear. In fact, without metal finishing, the lifespan of certain metal products would only be a fraction of what it could be. Enhanced Appearance Read More